Friday, May 9, 2014


Being architectural colorists, architecture and color are two words we think go hand in hand.  Whether it is bright accents that create spatial definition or neutral shades that lend the illusion of larger spaces, color is more than just an aesthetic device.  When used correctly, it can be a highly effective architectural tool with the ability to transform space and create dynamic environments.

I LIKE promo video from Canal180 on Vimeo.

Color is a lens through which the spatial experience of a place is a malleable thing.  LIKEarchitects, a Portuguese based atelier, has teamed with Canal180, the world's first open-sourced TV channel to bring you the series I Like Color, which explores exactly this relationship.  Each of the series' 11 episodes features architectural projects and installations from around the world that use color in combination with spatial interventions to shape, engage, and transport users into a world of the architect's making.

I LIKE Green from Canal180 on Vimeo.

In episodes curated by Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto, featured projects illustrate how color can be used to define and program spaces.

I LIKE Black from Canal180 on Vimeo.

Color comes alive as it interacts with site-specific conditions, such as light and shadow.  Simple spaces become dynamic 3-dimensional environments where color is the atmospheric driver.

Check out all 11 episodes by clicking the link below and tell us which is your favorite color!

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