Monday, June 30, 2014

Crosscurrents of Color - Valentino and World Cup

Valentino just released a dazzling resort collection for 2015. It is being heralded for its vibrant use of color and folkloric sensibility.   His mixture of patterns, geometry and accent hues are truly spectacular. 

Valentino Resort 2015

At this same point in time, World Cup fever spread globally and we began to notice the attention to style, color and detail being paid to the uniforms on the soccer pitch.  

Fashion has historically been a barometer to interpret mood and mark events in a particular time.  The disciplines of art, architecture and design  follow this same pattern. Careful observation can reveal cross currents of thought and borrowed ideas from one discipline to another.
Here are some favorite comparisons from different contexts: World Cup athletics and Valentino couture.

1. Red and Black Stripes

German uniform with red and black stripes. 
Valentino Resort with a black underpinning
and red lace stripes.
2. The Accent Color  

Russia, World Cup 2014 - blocked
white with red and blue stripes
Valentino Resort, blocked green
with blue and orange sash stripes.

3. The Patterned Collar

Ghana, in a white jersey punctuated  at the collar with
black, green, yellow and red accents.
Valentino, a black dress with multi colored flowers
 framing the neck and bodice.

Ghana, detailing of collar pattern.
Valentino, collar detailing

4. Color Blocking

US, blue white and red jersey with stripes brought to sleeves.
Valentino, white bodice, yellow skirt and red violet color blocking brought to the sleeves

What do these similarities mean? They are a  testimony to the fluidity and transcendent nature of creativity across different artistic disciplines.

There is an idea of global community and the realization that what affects us and inspires us, inspires many. And possibly a few of these jersey designers subscribe to Vogue magazine.