Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Great Apps for Mobile Color Lovers

Apps, apps, apps! We are surrounded by them. They fill up our phones and tablets and there are more of them everyday. But instead of getting overwhelmed by the abundance we have decided to dive in. Here are our 5 favorite color apps for mobiles platforms and why we love them. Come take a dip with us!

Color Touch Effects

Color Touch Effects lets users recolor images right in their Android phones. Many mobile photo apps let you filter whole images to make them sepia, black and white, or saturated with various film effects but this app lets you paint with saturation and vibrancy. Drop all the color out of an image then use the tools to paint back in a set of pale blue eyes or sepia a figure standing in rich real world color. This app works the best on a larger screened Android like the Galaxy Note 5 which gives you room to really get the most out of the apps detailed features. 

Color Splash

If you are more of an iPhone person and want that same black and white with a splash of color feel on your mobile then Color Splash is for you. Color Splash is a great tool for any beginning photographer or graphic designer who has little experience with Photoshop or other design or editing software. Before you jump in to the deep end with what can be an overwhelming array of options offered by those high end programs,  Color Splash will allow you to get your color design feet wet. Learn about drawing focus,  importance of contrast, and color matching with this simplified tool first. It can be great for kids who can't afford expensive software on their own but still want to explore the basics of image design.


PicsArt is a great mobile photo editor available from Google Play. Not only does this little app let you spruce up your photos like Instagram but applies photoshop like artistic changes.  It offers stenciler, cartoonizer, sketcher which gives images texture and adventurous color. It combines the functionalities of photo collage, FX, and on screen painting to give you complete control over your images. You can even take a picture and preview live photo effects to enhance your phones standard camera. 

ArtStudio for iPad

If you have an iPad, with their comparatively massive screen real estate, and are looking for an app which will really take your mobile color experience to the max, check out ArtStudio. Like the previous app this one lets you do some basic photo editing but it's the paint options where this app shines. Use their built in color picker on any image to build up your library of colors and even paint directly over photographs to use them as guides. Unlike many paint apps for mobile, ArtStudio for iPad is built for detailed, color rich, and highly textured paintings and drawings.  The app takes you from beginning strokes to finishing touches and no other software  is required. 

Brushes 3

Another painting app we love is Brushes 3. Along with a bevy of painting, coloring, and texturing features this app lets you seamlessly move your creations from device to device without losing any work. This app is such a great tool in fact David Hockney used it to create some of the work exhibited at the de Young Museum here in San Francisco at his recent solo show titled 'A Bigger Exhibition.' Try it out. Use what the pros love!

We know you are all savvy color fans so you tell us... what apps do you love!


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