Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Feedful of Color (on Instagram!)

Instagram is overflowing with beautiful, thoughtful images from thousand of feeds, but with so many choices its often hard to know who to follow. So to help our readers amp up the color in their Instagram streams here are 5 fantastic photographers with a eye for color.
@larkvain has a thing for red and his images explore lots of direct contexts for the color. The appetite stimulant, the passion, the anger, the excitement, even its uses in Chinese symbolism. The fact that his images are only taken with his iPhone seems to make this feat of color investigation all the more impressive.
@yellowillow has a predilection for just that: yellow. But not just plain everyday banana yellow, but yellow found in delicate, wistful, or precarious places. Yellow that may only last another hour until the light fades and the angle of the sun will never be quite right again. There is the yellow of street lines of course, but @yellowillow captures it wet and just waking from its freezing soundings. Or the yellow of a fading fern who has spend to many hours in the sun with too little water. If you look carefully this feed will make you rethink the color and its context.
@vintagedaughter takes what many consider to be the annoying over-share of incessent food photography and makes it into something special. Along with touching captions about these meals for one @vintagedaughter packs a lot of color into these little snapshots. The light blue hue of the table casts a luminous sky blue glow over the dishes and the rich browns, greens and reds of her food settle the eye. The images are soothing and welcoming, using color to remind us to treat ourselves to food, even when we are eating alone.
@nikosono is a French-Australian photographer whose taste for color and playful experimentation with texture really make this feed stand out. For many of the pictures @nikosono take to the sky to capture stunning, and often surprising earth tones of Australia.
@whitestwalker's images span the rainbow but many of the photographers best images walk the thin barrier between blue and green. Finding these colors out in the world is one thing, but the framing and the juxtaposition of these pictures give weight to that green-blue "space."

Tell us who your favorite Instagrammers are below and show us your most colorful post!


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