Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playing with Color

Screenshot If no yes, Rozendaal, 2013
 Bright eye catching  color is often reserved for childhood pursuits with serious or even bland color left to the business suits of adulthood. But color lovers know it doesn't have to be that way. Play time is for every age. 

Take Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Rozendaal creates art websites with bold playful color. Each site has its  own algorithms that shape, warp and animate fields of bubbly color. 'If no yes,' pictured above, flexes like a kaleidoscope as you slide your cursor across the surface of the website. The magenta pink and pale sky blue  are shattered in to a window pane of mixing gradients. 

Screenshot of Inner Doubts, Rozendaal, 2013
Rozendaal's site 'Inner Doubts' is a maze of trailing gradients, a rainbow that flows along the rectilinear sides and spare angles of a pathway that changes with every click. It is both soothing and a boiling pot of shifting color, a real treat of sumptuous color.  

Screenshot of Everything Always Everywhere, Rozendaal, 2013
'Everything Always Everywhere,' above, is a hushed waterfall of blue gradients, falling forever through the screen. The calmest of all Rozendaal's sites it's reminiscent of ocean wave or falling rain noise generators  in visual form. 'Maybe What,' below is another ode to blue and pink. The sharp triangles of color march to the right, becoming narrower all the time, until they slink off into infinity.

Screenshot of Maybe What, Rozendaal, 2013
These pieces, built for an adult art world, take color and play seriously. The sites are an opportunity  to get a dose of bright color  and too remind yourself that color is one of our creative tools  and can  be enjoyed for its own sake. If you are having a gray day,  have a look though Rozendaal's sites. We promise a smile awaits. 

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