Friday, June 15, 2012

The color of your diet

Its seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier these days. But what does that mean exactly? How do we know what really makes up a healthy diet. Many diets have complicated prescriptions about protein, fat and carbs. More of this less of that, never eat this, only eat that. It can get messy. But what if we could eat by color?

This week we are bringing you some colorful food information accompanied by  beautiful food and pigment photography from Kremer Pigments. First up yellow! According to SheKnows Health and Wellness Blog:
"Yellow fruits and vegetables are teeming with carotenoids and bioflavonoids, which represent a class of water soluble plant pigments that function as antioxidants. Along with antioxidants, sunny-colored foods also have an abundance of vitamin C. Studies suggest that these bountiful nutrients will help your heart, vision, digestion and immune system. Other benefits of naturally yellow foods include maintenance of healthy skin, wound healing, and stronger bones and teeth."

 The Food Networks Healthy Eats Blog writes all about red foods:
"Red fruits and veggies are packed with a variety of powerful antioxidants that have been shown to help fight cancer, heart disease and reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness for older folks."
Greens foods maybe the best of them all! Not only are green foods full of chlorophyll, which protects against disease causing free radicals,  but greenness is a great indicator that foods are densely packed with all sorts of  micro-nutrients our bodies need. They help remove environmental toxins like lead from our tissues, and support the human Mirco-biome (the 10K plus species of healthy microbes that call us home).

Eat the rainbow!

- Emily Eifler, Writer, Colour Studio
- Jill Pilaroscia, Principal, Colour Studio


  1. This is super cool! I don't know how it'll make anyone eat healthier but it sure looks great and is a very colorful source of inspiration. Very pretty.

  2. Love the food colors! What a wonderful way to think about color. Nice tie-in to the next post . . .

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