Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting in the swing of spring!

Though many of our fellow color lovers  to  the north and midwest may still be experiencing snow here in San Francisco spring is springing. So to distract ourselves from the constant sneezing and itchy eyes that allergy season brings and to take our mind of spring cleaning  we have decided to kick off the new season with some decorating ideas.   How you spruce up your home after the long wet winter? Cut flowers? Garlands? Change the artwork around? Here are some of our ideas!

To make your home feel lively and feel fresh try decorative paper  stands featuring spring motifs to add a festive feel for April and May. A lot can be accomplished with a dash of  pattern and color.

If you're a more advanced paper crafter you could  try these  delicate spherical doilies.   Depending on the colors you choose your home could be in for a bold splash or a  pastel breath of spring. 

There are wreaths as well. Though traditionally thought of as a winter holiday classic you can hang one on your door in any season. If you are bathing in the warm California sunshine, you may  be surrounded by over-burdened lemon trees. It seems lemonade can simply not be made as fast as these trees produce so why not use the extras for your  decorating project. No lemon trees around? Collecting newly green branches or wild flowers from your area will give your wreath that added local feel. 

Along with cut flowers there is  the time honored decorating standard of budding branches and the all green floral arrangement to consider.  Adding dramatic sprigs of green can  help envigorate the feeling of a room. You can use anything from a cutting of those thornless vines creeping over you back yard, some textural wild weedlings, or even left overs from your tree pruning project. 

Even if you are still stuck in the snow with little green to harvest you can always make your own colorful leaves! Whether all green or multicolored,  a few dry branches and twigs can bring the springtime inside without all that pesky water. Just cut, glue and arrange!

What are you planning for this years spring spruce?  Let us know in comments and from everyone here at Colour Studio: Have a colorful season!

- Emily Eifler, Writer, Colour Studio
- Jill Pilaroscia, Principal, Colour Studio


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